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Jace Wayland (Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, Jace Herondale, Jace Lightwood) is a Shadowhunter with more angel blood than most Nephilim. He is the son of Stephen and Celine Herondale and the grandson of Imogen Herondale. He was brought up by Valentine Morgenstern and later fostered by the Lightwood family. Is is one of the protangonists of the Mortal Instruments series.


Jace Wayland







Clary describes Jace as having blonde hair, which sometimes looks golden in the light. He also has tawny
Professional Status


The Clave



Base of Operations

The Institute

eyes with flecks of gold and has a thin, but muscular body. When Clary first sees him, she is reminded of how a lion

Personal Status


Stephen Herondale (father, deceased)

Celine Herondale (mother, deceased)

Imogen Herondale (grandmother, deceased)

Valentine Morgenstern (foster father, deceased)

Maryse Lightwood (foster mother)

Robert Lightwood (foster father)

Alec Lightwood (foster brother)

Isabelle Lightwood (foster sister)

Max Lightwood (foster brother, deceased)

would lift their heads and sniff the air for prey after Jace makes a similar gesture. 


Jace is quite rude and arrogant towards most people, he is extremely sarcastic. He got this trait from his foster father, Valentine Morgenstern. He acts carelessly and doesn't care about the consequences, meaning that Alec has to watch his back everytime they're fighting.


Stephen Herondale and Celine Herondale were Jace's parents. Stephen was part of Valentine's Circle when he was killed in a raid. Celine, who was eight months pregnant with Jace, was devastated and slit her wrists and bled to death. Hodge Starkweather found her and told Valentine, who had been giving Celine potions and powders, experimenting on Jace. When he found out he didn't want the experiment to go to waste and so, with the help of Hodge, he cut Jace out of Celine's stomach. He took Jace home and Hodge took care of him during the Uprising. After that, Valentine was pretending to be Michael Wayland and he moved to Wayland manor with Jace and raised him as his son.


City of BonesEdit

Jace is first spotted by Clary Fray as she watches him and Alec Lightwood follow Isabelle Lightwood into a club cupboard with a blue-haired boy that she'd been admiring. She sends her friend Simon Lewis to get security as she follows them inside. When she gets in there she finds the boy tied to a pillar and the group questioning him. He tells them that Valentine is back but they don't believe him, as they are about to kill him Clary threatens that she's called the police. Jace is amused by her and the fact that she can see him and starts asking her if she's seen any of their kind before. While distracted, however, the blue-haired boy breaks free and attacks him. Alec and Isabelle help kill him and Jace tells Clary that he was a demon. Isabelle is angry at Clary because she could have got Jace killed. Simon arrives then with security and Clary finds that he cannot see Jace and the others.

Later on, Clary is at a local coffee shop called Java Jones with Simon, listening to his friend Eric's poetry reading. She sees Jace sitting nearby and goes outside with him. He tells her that his tutor, Hodge Starkweather, is interested in meeting her and wants to know why she can see them. It is then that she receives a phone call from her mother. As she panics, Jace tries to find out what's wrong with her. Thinking that his Sensor is a phone, she grabs that and runs back to her apartment. She doesn't believe that Jace has followed her.

She wakes up to find that Jace has pulled her out of the apartment and outside. He tells her that he found her with a Ravener demon lying dead practically on top of her. He says that she has been poisoned and that he needs to get her back to the Institute. When she sees the police she wonders whether they should go and speak to them, but Jace tells her that some demon disguise themselves as people to clear up the mess. Jace supports her and attempts to lead her away from the house. He draws a rune on her so that people won't be able to see her before she passes out.

When she wakes up, she hears Isabelle and Alec talking about how Jace hasn't been to visit her yet. When she finally gets out of bed she follows the sound of a piano playing to find Jace playing it. He takes her to Hodge.

When Jace and Clary go to visit her apartment to see if there's anything left, and find it empty. A man suddenly flinds the door open and Jace uses a Seraph blade to slash at him. Angered, the giant starts attacking Jace, who finds it funny. Jace is dragged by the giant down the stairs and when Clary finds him sprawled on the floor, the giant dying. He draws an iratze (healing rune) on himself and heals. Jace goes upstairs to see whether there are anymore Forsaken around when Madame Dorothea stops him, saying there are lots more.

When they discover that Madame Dorothea has a portal in her house, Jace tells Clary that this was probably the reason why she wanted to live here. So she could escape quickly. Upset, Clary opens the Portal to see where her mother wanted to run to. Jace tries to stop her, but it's too late and so he follows her through. They arrive at Luke's house, where they find Simon.

Jace is present when Brother Jeremiah tries to remove the block on Clary's mind. He yells at him to stop when he sees that Clary's fingernails are digging into her palms, injuring her.

Jace later accompanies Clary to the Bone City so that the brothers can look at the block on her mind. They leave seperately from Brother Jeremiah.

The attempt to break the block on Clary's mind fails, but she remembers the name Magnus Bane. Jace, Alec, Isabelle and Simon take Clary to one of Magnus Bane's parties. While there, Simon drinks a faerie drink and is turned into a rat. Jace finds it funny, annoying Clary. Simon is soon taken by a vampire and Clary and Jace go after him. They are lead to a vampire hotel and a boy named Raphael claims that he knows a safe way in there without rousing the vampires. He leads them through and then reveals that he is actually the head of the clan and the fact that they willingly got inside makes them fair game. They suddenly find themselves surrounded by vampires and it doesn't seem as if they'll get away. However, werewolves suddenly jump in and say that they're looking for Clary. Clary and Jace take this time to escape, taking Simon with them.

Once back at the Institute Alec and Clary have an argument. Alec tells her he wants her to go home because she almost got Jace killed and that she shouldn't encourage him to do so. He says that Jace ran off without him and so he couldn't watch his back and protect him. Clary retorts that he is weak because he's never killed a demon and then makes fun of the fact that he's in love with Jace.

Later, Jace takes Clary up to the greenhouse saying that they'll get left alone up here because Alec and Isabelle have allergies. He says that she is beautiful and then kisses her. When they see Hodge's raven, Hugo, Jace says they should get away from there because he is usually around Hodge.

Clary suddenly remembers where her mother hid the Mortal Cup and so she goes back to Madame Dorothea's along with Jace, Alec, Isabelle and Simon. They find the Mortal Cup and a Greater Demon takes over Madame Dorothea. Alec is fatally wounded after trying to protect Jace. When Isabelle is injured and Jace is about to be killed, Simon uses Alec's arrow to break the sunroof and pour sunlight into the room and over the demon.

Clary and Jace hand the Mortal Cup over to Hodge, who is amazed and first and takes it from them. He reveals that he's been working for Valentine and has been lying to them. Valentine arrives and takes the cup from Hodge, he then breaks the spell on Hodge binding him to the Institute and Hodge runs away. Valentine also takes Jace as Clary is attacked by Hugo.

Clary later finds Jace when she and Luke Garroway's werewolf pack attack Valentine's lair. He tells her that he is Valentine's son and that there is no danger. Valentine arrives asking Jace if he's packed yet and is surprised to see Clary there. He tells them that they are siblings, when they are devastated, Valentine tells them that it's a cause for happiness. Luke walks in, saying that he's found Clary's mother and tells Jace and Clary what he'd done to her. Jace is angered and he and Luke start to attack him. Valentine, however, escapes to Idris through a portal.

City of AshesEdit

Jace is thrown out of the Institute and goes to pick a fight with a werewolf pack. They tell him to do something about the fact that one of their youngest had been killed as he is Nephilim and the Clave owes them protection. Luke stops the fight, saying that Jace doesn't speak for the Clave. Luke calls Clary and tells her what happened, she leaves to go find Jace, much to Simon's disappointment. She finds that Jace has been shut in an office and is in a foul mood, he doesn't allow Simon into the room and tells him to go away.

Clary and Luke find out that Maryse Lightwood threw Jace out of the Institute and take him there to question her. She says that she used to be part of the Circle and that she surrendered to the Clave so that she could look after Alec, she says that she can't afford to trust Jace because he is Valentine's son. She says that the Inquisitor is on her way and she was afraid that she might put Jace in prison or strip him of his Marks and she was trying to spare him. Luke says that if Jace hadn't have been there when the Inquisitor arrived, then he would never have been able to return and wouldn't be able to be a Shadowhunter. Jace firmly says that he will stay behind and Luke and Clary leave.

The Inquisitor arrives and calls him 'boy'. Jace corrects her, saying that his name is 'Jace Wayland' and not 'boy'. She tells him that he has not right to the name Wayland because he is Valentine's son. The two of them continue to argue and finally the Inquisitor puts him in prison in the Silent City, saying that a night there will make him more cooperative.

While Jace is in prison, the Bone City is attacked. He hears a stange sound that makes his ears ring and hurts him. He sees Brother Jeremiah stagger towards him, badly injured, he falls forward and shatters his bones. Jace tries to reach for Brother Jeremiah's torch so that he can see in the darkness when he suddenly feels something on him. As he reaches the torch he hears a dragging noise and looks around to find nothing there. Something appears at the door and spots Jace and lunges towards him, his torch goes out and he is plunged back into darkness.

Jace wakes up and realises that he fainted and hears Valentine's voice. He tells him that he killed the Silent Brothers so that he could get a sword called Maellartach. There is a sudden crashing noise from upstairs and Valentine tells him that he has to leave, he goes with out unshackling him.

Clary, Alec and Isabelle find Jace in the prison cell covered in bruises. They try to ask him what happened but he seems confused and they believe that he's hit his head. They help Jace out and go to leave the Silent City. They get outside to find the garden full of Shadowhunters. They try to explain what they saw and Jace tells everybody that Valentine killed the Silent Brothers and took the Mortal Sword. The Inquisitor believes that Jace had a part in Valentine's taking of the Angel's Sword and that he did it to protect him from being questioned. Alec interrupts, saying that there's demon poison in Jace and that he needs to be treated. Alec calls out to Magnus Bane how comes out of the shadows and says that he'll heal Jace and keep him at his apartment when the Inquisitor says he is a flight risk.

The next day, Clary, Simon and Alec go to visit Jace at Magnus'. He explains to them what happened while he was in the cell and why Valentine killed the Silent Brothers.

Magnus agrees to let Jace go to the Seelie Court as long as another Shadowhunter stays behind with him while he was gone. Alec stays with him as Isabelle, Jace, Clary and Simon go to visit the Faerie Queen. They go and meet Isabelle, who is very happy to see Jace. She takes them to the Seelie Court with the help of Meliorn and they meet the Queen. While there Clary is tricked into consuming food or drink by licking her fingers clean of blood. This means that she cannot leave the Seelie Court with the others. Jace asks her why she did it and the Queen says she's interested in Shadowhunters and wants to study them. The Queen then says that if Clary receives the kiss she most desires then she will be allowed to leave. Simon is insulted as the kiss from him did not work. The group complain about the fact that Jace and Clary are brother and sister and it isn't fair. However, Jace agrees with Isabelle when she says it's just a kiss and walks over to Clary and kisses her. Clary is then able to leave.

Clary, Jace and Simon find Luke outside of his house, lying crumpled by the river with Raum demons near him. Jace raises his seraph blade towards them and they attack him. Jace manages to cut it's wrist off, which lands by Clary, still moving. As Jace fights the demon, another one appears behing Clary and attacks her.

While Magnus is healing Luke he complains about how he always has to heal their little group and why that is. Jace comments that it's because he's the only warlock they know who's dating a friend of there's. Alec immediatly gets defensive saying that he wasn't dating. Jace tells him that's not what he said, but it's funny that he knew what he meant. Jace says that he doesn't know why Alec hid it from him and that he didn't mind that it was happening. This upsets Alec, Jace thinks this is because Alec doesn't believe that he would be okay with it, and so he turns to Magnus for help. Magnus comments that Alec does believe he wouldn't care, confusing Jace. Luke wakes up at that moment.

Later on, Jace walks into Clary's room saying that she's been ignoring his calls and that he couldn't come to visit her because he's been imprisoned. He says that he doesn't hate her but he wishes he could and it would be so much easier if he did. Simon walks into the room and sees Jace standing there and walks out again. Clary becomes angry and yells at Jace for always ruining everything, before following Simon out the door.

That night, Raphael brings Jace a motorcycle and asks him if they're even for Simon now. Jace states that they'll never be even and then flies away on the motorcycle. He sees Valentine's boat and flies down to it and searches it, finding it empty. He goes into the cabin and the door shuts behind him, plunging him into darkness. He feels for his witchlight and then see Clary standing infront of him, her hands on her chest. Jace is terrified and doesn't know how she'd gotren to the ship. He moves her hands away from her chest and finds that she's covered in blood. He catches her as she starts falling and he feels her heart stopping. He shakes her until her eyes open revealing that they're no longer green, but glowing white. Jace recognises them and he faints.

When Jace wakes up, he finds that he's on the deck of the ship. Valentine asks him how he found him and Jace explains that he tortured it out of the Raum demon that attacked him. He then asks Valentine whether it was really Clary that died in his arms. Valentine is surprised at the fact that he saw Clary, saying that it had been Agramon, the demon of fear, and that it took on the form of whatever terrifies a person the most. Jace asks him how he managed to summon a Greater Demon and Valentine explains that he got a young warlock to summon it for him and was killed by it. When Valentine asks what he is doing there, Jace tells him that the Queen of the Seelie Court wanted him to ask him a question. He says that she wanted to know what blood runs through his, Jace's, veins. Valentine tells him the blood of the Angel. Valentine then asks him why he is really here, and Jace says he needs someone to talk to. He tells him that he's nothing but trouble for the Lightwoods, Luke hates him, he upset Alec and the Inquisitor wants him dead and so he had no one else to turn to. He then asks him why he's been doing what he's been doing. Valentine tells him that the Clave is corrupt and that he wants to destroy it and free Idris and stop demons. Jace comments that if he hates demons so much, why has he got them working for him. Valentine presents the Sword Jace and tells him to take it. The sword lights up and Jace feels a sudden pain, once the feeling has passed he looks up to see golden wires in the sky and strange creatures all around him. He leans over the railing of the ship, retching, and drops the Soul-Sword. He asks Valentine if those were the demons he'd already called and Valentine tells him that they're the demons that have been drawn to the Sword. Valentine says that the Clave don't stand a chance against him and that if Jace joins him, then all his friends will be protected.

The next morning, the Inquisitor, Maryse and Robert Lightwood knock at Luke's. The Inquisitor thinks that it's rather convenient that everyone in the house is injured and she tells Luke that Jace shouldn't be there, he should be at Magnus'. The Inquisitor tells Magnus that he failed his duty and that he won't get another chance, when he is confused, the Inquisitor explains that Jace had been with his father last night. The Inquisitor asks for Jace's piece of portal mirror, which he gives her. She shatters it and pulls out a piece of paper, marked with a rune. She explains that she knew Jace would go back for it and so she marked it with a tracking rune. She says that Jace will be taken to Idris with her, which angers the group. However, Alec says that the Inquisitor is right and that Jace lied to them. The Inquisitor binds Jace's hands and the group leave, leaving Clary and Luke alone.

The Inquisitor takes Jace back to the Institute with the Lightwoods and takes him to the training room. Jace brings up the matter of her son, Stephen, angering the Inquisitor, who snarls at him not to speak his name. The Inquisitor plunges a blade into the floor at her feet and then another one by his side and then another until there are four seraph blades around him. Jace recognises this but can't remember what it means. She then goes and marks a rune by one of the blades and he finds himself standing in an illuminated cage. He asks her what it is and is angered when she laughs, his shoulder brushes part of the cage and he receives an electric shock, causing him to stumble backwards. She turns to leave and he asks her to at least unbind his hands, she states that he should have thought about that before he went to visit Valentine. She tells him that she's planning to take him to his father and trade him for the Mortal Instruments. Jace tells her that he will not trade him for the Mortal Instruments. The Inquisitor tells him that the parent-child bond would stop him, and that no parent would allow their children to die for a hunk of metal, no matter how powerful. Jace scoffs, saying that she doesn't know his father and that he'll laugh in her face. The Inquisitor says he's just saying that because if Valentine lost the Mortal Instruments then it would be a loss of power to him too. She turns to leave again but Jace begs her to belive him, asking her what Valentine deserves. She tells him he deserves to hold the dead body of his child in his arms and to know there's no way to bring him back. She then leaves.

Time passes and Alec arrives to visit Jace in his prison. Alec asks what the prison cell is made of and goes to touch it, but Jace tells him that he'll receieve a shock if he does. Alec comments that the Inquisitor meant business. Alec then asks him why he went to see Valentine, but Jace merely replies that it's because he was his father. He then asks Alec what he would do if Valentine was his father. Alec tells him that his father would never do the things Valentine has done and Jace retorts the his father was part of the Circle and so he did do those things. Jace sends Alec off to text Clary.

Soon later, Alec appears back in the training room. He gives Jace an apple as he asks him whether he's texted Clary yet. Alec says he hasn't, saying that Isabelle won't let him in her room. Alec then hands Jace a silvery disk marked with a Unlocking rune, allowing him to free his hands at least. Alec then tells him that there is no top to the cage and that he should be able to jump out. Jace throws the apple core through the cage and it bursts into flames, Alec begins to protest as Jace jumps up towards the rafters.

Jace arrives as Isabelle starts punished Alec for betraying him. Isabelle bandages Jace's wounds and calls Clary on her phone. Isabelle tells Jace and Alec that Valentine has taken Simon and Maia and that he's going to use them to perform the Ritual. Jace takes the phone from Isabelle and tells Clary to meet him by the Institute. He then tells Alec to call Magnus and to tell him to meet him down by the waterfront. Jace then jumps out of Isabelle's window, much to Alec and Isabelle's horror. They look down and see that he's disappeared.

Clary and Luke wait in Luke's truck outside the Institute. They suddenly see Jace on the roof and they see him step off. Clary screams, thinking that he's committing suicide, but is cut short when she sees Jace land safely on the ground. Two guards run towards them and they get into Luke's truck and drive away.

While on the boat, Jace and Luke are wedged in the corner and were fighting from their shelter. An Oni demon knocks them to the ground and Jace drops his seraph blade. Jace grabs his dagger and throws at the back of the demon's neck to stop it attacking Luke. Luke's leg is broken and so he can't defend himself from the oncoming demons. Jace attempts to block Luke but there are demons all around them. He throws his blade at one of them and it barely seems to notice his attack. As the demon raises it's katana to attack Jace, a gray shadow gets infront of him and blocks the attack and then kills the demon. He looks around to see there are dozens of shapes and he realises that they're Shadowhunters. A Shadowhunter grabs Jace and tells him to go with it. Jace complains that he needs to get to Luke as he's been hurt. The Shadowhunter pulls back it's hood to reveal that it is the Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor tells Jace that she needs to talk to him and she pushes him back into the recess of a wall. She places two seraph blades into the wall, creating a shield around herself and Jace. She admits that he was right about Valentine not accepting the trade and so she called the Conclave together and brought them here. She says that she owes his family an apology. The Inquisitor then spots a scar on Jace's shoulder and asks him when he got it. He says that his father told him that he'd had an accident a long time ago, but he doesn't know what. The Inquisitor is amazed and she says that he reallly thought he was Michael Wayland's son. He storms out of the shield and the Inquisitor hurries after him, saying that he doesn't have a weapon. A demon appears infront of Jace then and prepares to attack him. The Inquisitor throws herself infront of Jace and the demon stabs her in the chest. She slices the demon's throat and then falls to the deck. Jace kneels down beside her and she whispers something in his ear. When Jace asks her what she means, she dies.

Later, Jace finds Simon's body on the floor of a room. His throat and wrists have been slashed. Jace thinks about how Clary will feel when she finds out that Simon is dead. Simon suddenly moves, opening his eyes and gurgling. Jace realises that he won't be able to heal without blood and so he cuts his arm and drips the blood into Simon's mouth. Simon suddenly grabs his elbow and sinks his fangs into Jace's wrist, he then let's go and starts drinking for his neck. Simon finally gets a hold of himself and Jace sees that his wounds are now gone. He comments that he could have killed Jace and Jace says he would have let him. Jace draws an iratze on himself and Simon apologises to him. Jace tells him to stop apolgising as they need to get going as Valentine has Clary.

Jace and Simon arrive to find Valentine holding the Sword to Clary's collarbone. Jace looks at Clary in horror and asks Valentine what he did to her. Valentine asks Jace why Simon is still alive and is horrified at the fact that Jace willingly let him drink his blood. As Valentine confronts Jace, Jace throws Jocelyn's stele to Clary and she draws the rune 'Open'. The boat then begins to fall apart, Clary attempts to run to Jace and Simon but falls to her knees. A wave knocks Clary under the water as Jace shouts her name.

Clary wakes up on the back of Luke's truck. She asks where Jace is and Simon doesn't answer straight away, causing her to panic. Jace then appears and apologises for not being there when she woke up. Jace draws an iratze on her. They explain to her that Valentine's ship burned down and that Isabelle and Alec are safe on another of the Shadowhunter boats. Luke tells her that Isabelle was injured and so was Robert Lightwood. He then says that Malik and Imogen (the Inquisitor) were killed along with other Shadowhunters. He then says that Valentine is gone and he's taken the Sword with him. When Clary blames herself Jace tells her that if it wasn't for her, then Valentine would have killed everyone on the ship. He tells her that the water faeries came and saved the Shadowhunters from drowning.

Clary goes and visits Jace at the Institute and he tells her that they can talk at Taki's. He tells her that he'll just be her brother from now on, thinking that's what she wants. She agrees unhappily and the two of them part ways.

City of GlassEdit

Simon visits the Institute as Jace, the Lightwoods and Magnus are preparing to leave for Alicante with Clary that evening. While Jace and Simon are arguing they are interrupted by someone screaming. A white mist blankets the garden and Simon watches as he sees the Shadowhunters darting around and attacking inside it. Jace identifies them as Forsaken and tells Simon to stay where he is. Magnus clears the mist and yells at everybody to get through the Portal. Jace yells at Simon to move as a Forsaken warrior attacks him.

Simon wakes up in a bed and is visited by Isabelle and Jace. Jace explains to Isabelle that Maryse has gone to explain Simon being in Alicante. Jace hands Simon a bottle of blood and explains that they're in Alicante and staying with the Penhallows. Jace tells Simon that he wanted to keep Clary out of Idris. He then tells him that the Forsaken stabbed him and so they had to drag him through the Portal to Idris with them.

Isabelle and Jace later take Simon downstairs. Aline Penhallow and Sebastian Verlac are surprised to see that Simon can stand in the sun, even though he is a vampire and Jace comments that they thought he was lying when they were told. Simon notices that Jace and Aline are sitting closely together. When the group starts discussing how they thought Clary wanted to come to Alicante, Simon starts to explain that she did until Jace stands up and asks him to talk outside.

After arriving in Alicante with Luke, Clary goes to visit Jace and the Lightwoods at the Penhallows house. Isabelle is shocked to see her there and tries to say that Jace isn't in. However, Sebastian interrupts saying that Jace is upstairs. She goes upstairs and finds Jace and Aline locked together in a passionate embrace. The door bangs shut behind Clary and Jace and Aline break apart, Clary notices that the top buttons of her shirt are undone. Aline asks her who she is and Jace tells her that it's Clary. Aline leaves and leaves the two of them alone. He asks Clary what she's doing here and says he's not pleased to see her. The two of them argue briefly until Alec walks in and he tells him that Clary's leaving. They begin arguing again and Clary leaves.

Jace slumps against the wall as Clary leaves and tells Alec and Isabelle to leave him alone. He tells them that he told Clary to go home as it was the best thing for her. Alec tells him that Clary will be fine but Jace tells him that she won't be. He then asks him why he needed to speak to him so urgently. Alec tells Jace that Simon never made it through the Portal that Magnus was waiting on the other side of. Jace becomes angry and says that if it had been anyone except him who had brought him through the Portal, then they might have let him go. Jace becomes upset about how Clary was going to react when she found out what happened to Simon.

As Jace smashes a window, Alec treats his hand without using runes, saying that it will do him some good to feel pain. As the two of them talk Jace tells him that he knows how he thinks he feels about him. He says that he doesn;t really love him and that he only thinks he does because he's safe. He can use him as an excuse not to have a real relationship. Alec doesn't pay much attention until Jace tells him to kiss him, Alec looks at him in horror and Jace says that this shows he's right because it proves he doesn't like him. He then says that he's not blowing off Magnus for him, it's because he's scared to tell people who he really loves. He then tells Alec to lie for him and say that he felt faint and tripped and accidentally broke the window.

Clary returns to Amatis' house to find Jace sat at the table. He asks her where she's been and she replies that she's been out with Sebastian, shocking him. He tells her that he came to apologise for speaking to her the way he did and to ask her to go back to New York, saying it's not safe for her here. She then tells him that Sebastian told her what happened to Simon and how he allowed him to be thrown in jail.

The two of them portal to Wayland manor and Jace takes Clary to the libarary there. Jace looks around, thinking back to when he was a boy and he used to study in here. He then finds the book 'Simple Recipes for Housewives' that Clary had been looking for. She flicks through it and Jace says it's in Greek, so only Magnus will be able to read it. Jace talks about how he was only allowed to read the books assigned to him and that there were some books that he wasn't even allowed to touch. He says that one day he read one that turned out to be Valentine's personal diary about him and he whipped him withh is belt when he found out he'd read it. Clary bubbles with hatred and knocks a book to the ground, saying that Valentine's isn't here right now. The two of them begin to knock books to the ground, laughing. Suddenly Jace hears a noise and stops. The two of them hear a whirring noise and they watch as the stones infront of them part to reveal a doorway. Behind the doorway is a set of stairs leading down into the darkness.

As they look down the stairs, Jace tells her he doesn't remember a cellar being there. The two of them make their way down the steps to figure out what's down there. They reach a room with pentagrams and runes around it. Clary realises there the floor is littered with bones. Clary wants to go back but Jace raises his witchlight, inspecting a shape behind a cloth. He takes out his seraph blade and pushes the cloth aside. As he sees what's behind the cloth he staggers backwards in horror. Clary looks to see what's affected him so badly to see an angel manacled to the floor and covered in scars. Jace is upset and says there must be something they can do. The angel sends them images of Jocelyn betraying Valentine and Valentine asking Ithuriel (the angel) where the mirror was and saying then he will allow him to die. Jace looks from the angel to his seraph blade. He names it Ithuriel and the angel reaches out it's hands. Jace turns to Clary and tells her change the runes. She changes them from runes of binding to runes of release. Jace hands the angel his seraph blade and stops Clary from running to angel when she realises what it's going to do. The angel then kills itself and Clary buries her face in Jace's shoulder, unable to watch. The ground beneath them starts to move and they realise that the manor was tied to Ithuriel and so the manor was falling down as Ithuriel died. Jace seizes her hand and runs for the stairs. Clary falls over but Jace continues to pull her along with him. They reach the top of the stairs and Jace throws a chair through a stained glass window. He then holds his hand out to her. He lifts her off her feet and carries her over to the broken window and throws her out of it. After she hits the grassy rise Jace jumps down after her. He then grabs her and shoves her down into the depression between two hills and rolls on top of her, protecting her from the explosion of the manor.

After the explosion, Clary tells Jace that she lost his stele somewhere. He says that's fine as long as she's not hurt. When she brushes grass out of Jace's hair he tells her that she shouldn't touch him because of what the angel showed them. He says that he's part demon and that he's part of everything he tried to destroy. He starts to trace a finger along her cheek and says that she ought to tell him to stop. She doesn't reply, thinking to herself that she's tired of saying no to Jace. The two of them kiss and Clary stops thinking, nothing else matters except Jace. Jace fumbles with the buttons of her coat and Clary thinks to herself that she's never seen Jace's hands unsteady before. She gasps in surprise as she finds a silver chain around Jace's neck, causing him to freeze, thinking he's hurt her. She recognises it as the Morgenstern ring, which Valentine had given to Jace. He apoligises, saying he forgot he was wearing it. He then traces her cheek again but she tells him to stop touching her and she asks him why they were doing this now. Jace tells her that they're both experiments and Clary replies that she's not an angel and she's completely ordinary. Afterwards Jace says that they're 'screwed' because Clary lost his stele and so they can't portal back and that they're going to have to walk back.

The two of them walk home in silence as Jace doesn't speak a word to her. Clary sees the sky in the east lighten up and Jace tells her that it's Alicante and those are the city lights. As they get closer to Alicante, Jace realises something's wrong and runs off ahead of Clary to see what's going on. He stops on top of a hill and they see smoke and fire coming from Alicante. Jace says that Valentine did this and points out that the North Gate is open and that the wards must be down. Jace reaches for a seraph blade and tells Clary to stay where she is and that he'll come back for her. They then spot a pack of werewolves nearby and the wolves charge at them while Jace holds Clary to him. However, the wolves merely run past them and Jace lets go of Clary once they're past.

Clary and Jace enter Alicante and are attacked by a group of demons and Jace gives Clary a seraph blade. Jace shouts out to Clary, telling her to look behind her as a wolf launches itself at her. The jumps past her and kills the demon and then looks at Jace and Clary. Jace pulls out another seraph blade and threatens the wolf. Clary tells him stop and breaks away from him, trying to make peace with the wolf. She looks back at Jace and tells him to put the seraph blade down and he looks at her like she's crazy. The wolf turns out to be Maia and Clary relaxes. Clary asks her what she's doing here and Maia explains to them both that Luke brought them here. Clary says that she's grateful to Maia for saving them, and so is Jace, even though he's too stubborn to show it. Maia explains that the Lightwoods are at the Accords Hall along with other Shadowhunters, Jace looks relieved, believing that if Alec is there, then the others must be as well.

Clary, Jace and Maia go to the Accords Hall. Maia runs off to her werewolf pack and Jace stops Clary from going with her, saying it's not a good idea. Alec calls out Jace's name and pushes his way through the crowd to get to him and grabs him by the front of the jacket, asking what happened to him. Jace asks him where everyone is and Alec explains that Isabelle and Max are back at the Penhallows.

Jace, Clary and Alec go up to the Gard to get Simon out of prison. Jace pulls off the bars to the cell and pulls him out. Jace looks at Simon's hands and asks him what happened, Simon realises they're still black from where he grabbed the bars. Simon remembers Samual, the person who was in the cell next to his, and they try to get him out. Samuel yells that he wants to stay but Jace appears beside Simon and kicks the bars, which fall into Samuel's cell. Samuel tells them to go away but Jace shakes his head in exasperation and crawls in through the window. Clary shouts at him to stop but he's already in the cell. Clary glares at Simon but Alec says that he couldn't leave Samuel down there. Jace lifts Samuel up through the window and then Simon and Clary grab his hands and pull him out. Samuel tells them to leave him alone and calls Alec by his first name, his hands by his face. Alec looks at Jace in horror as he asks Samuel to take his hands away from his face. Samuel's hands leave his face and Jace says that it's Hodge.

Hodge looks at Jace and Alec and tells them he's sorry. Jace puts a blade to Hodge's throat and says he wants a reason why he shouldn't kill him there and then. Alec tells him to stop in alarm. Jace looks down at Hodge with an unexpressionable face that reminds Clary of Valentine. He says that Hodge knew what his father was doing to him. Alec looks from Jace to Hodge, not knowing what they're talking about. Jace yells at Hodge that he should have told him what he was. Hodge looks up at Jace, saying that he wasn't sure. He says that he thought he could have been taught to be good. He says that he tried his best by you, but Jace retorts that was until Valentine came back and the he did everything he asked of him. Hodge says that he lived in fear while he was at the Institute but Jace doesn't buy it, saying that Hodge is just trying to make them feel sorry for him. Hodge says that he knew that if Valentine offered him to not be bound to the Institute then he would have been too weak to resist the offer. Jace asks him if it was worth it for a life of rotting in the cells of the Gard. Hodge tells them that Valentine will be after the Mortal Glass now and how no one can own the Mortal Glass. Jace scoffs, saying the Hodge must have gone mad while in the cell. Clary looks up at the roof of the Gard and tells Jace they should get out there as the fire is spreading. Hodge tells the group that Lake Lyn is the Mirror and Jace lowers his knife. The Gard exploded and Alec turns to Jace, saying they should get out of there. Alec supports Hodge and tries to walk away with him, but Jace gets in their way. He asks what will happen when Valentine gets the Mortal Glass. Jace says that if he tells it to the Clave then they'll never hear it from them as they're seen as just children, he says that Hodge owes them. Hodge shakes his head and Jace's grip on the knife's hilt tightens, saying that for every lie he tells he'll cut off one finger. Hodge looks scared, Alec says that this is what his father's like, not him. Jace tells him he doesn't know him. Alec looks at Clary and she realises that he doesn't know why Jace is acting like this. He snaps that if Hodge was going to tell the Clave what he told them, then he would have told them already.

Someone suddenly stabs Hodge in the chest. Alec lowers Hodge to the ground and looks up at Jace, asking him why. Jace turns white in the face, saying that he didn't. Clary notes that his knife is still held by his side. Sebastian appears out of the darkness and Jace looks from Hodge to him. He asks him whether it was him that stabbed Hodge, a dazed expression on his face. Sebastian explains that he had to or he would have killed them. Jace's voice raises as he asks him with what as he didn't even have a weapon. Alec shouts to Jace to come and help him with Hodge. Jace goes and kneels beside Alec, depsite the fact that Sebastian is talking to him. Alec tells Jace to take his stele out of his pocket and try drawing an iratze. Hodge edges away from the stele in Jace's hand, looking from Jace to Sebastian. Hodge says the word Jonathan and Jace tells him to call him Jace. When Hodge says 'not you' Jace believes he means he doesn't want him to draw the iratze on him. He tries to say something to Jace and then dies.

The group then confront Sebastian, Clary says his story doesn't make any sense. Jace tells her that's because he's lying to them. Sebastian says that it's a little odd that they're upset that he killed a man when Jace was about to cut his fingers off one by one. Jace looks at Sebastian with loathing and tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about. Sebastian stops infront of Jace and talks about how he kissed Clary. Sebastian says he's sick of the lot of them and he turns to Jace and says that everytime he's not panting after his sister, he's whining about how his father didn't love him. They realise that he's a spy for Valentine and Sebastian laughs at the fact it took them so long to understand. Jace tells him they may not be that bright, but at least they're alive. When Sebastian points out that he is also alive Jace snarls that it won't be for long and he flings his blade at Sebastian. Sebastian darts aside and grabs Jace's arm and then grabbed him by the back of the jacket. Jace flies through the air as Sebastian throws him, hitting the wall of the Gard with bone-cracking force and then crumpling to the ground. Clary calls out his name and runs to attack Sebastian.

Sebastian attacks the group and threatens to kick Simon when Jace stops him. Clary looks up to see that he standing a few feet from Sebastian, his face is bloody and he's holding a seraph blade. He says that he's never killed a human with one of them before and that he's willing to try. Sebastian leaves and Jace leans over Clary anxiously. Someone hands a stele to Jace and he draws an iratze on Clary's arm. She looks up at them and Jace tells her she has concussion and that the iratze will help. Jace scowls as she is barely able to stand, saying she shouldn't have attacked Sebastian without a weapon. Alec says that it wasn't her fault and that he'd never seen someone get the better of Jace like that before. Jace reluctantly admits that he surprised him and that he must have had some kind of special training. Simon looks at Jace and asks him how long he thought he was really in the shadows. Jace grimaces and says the Clave will catch him and curse him. Before they leave, Jace stops and drapes his jacket over Hodge's face.

They arrive back at the Accords Hall and Alec spots the Lightwood family. Jace catches his breath and then begins shoving his way through the crowd after Alec. Clary sees Simon looking after Jace with a stricken experession on his face. She sees Max Lightwood lying limp in Robert Lightwood's arms. Clary remembers Jace saying that Max could sleep anywhere, and it look almost like he were sleeping now. Jace stands, unmoving, looking lost.

Jace walks Clary back to Amatis' house and Clary feels that every moment with Jace is precious and limited. When she shivers, Jace glances at her and asks her if she's cold. Clary says that she was just wondering why Valentine didn't kill Luke, and Jace replies that in a way, Valentine respects Luke even if he is a Downworlder. Clary thinks of the look Jace had given Simon before and shakes it out of her head, not wanting to think of Jace like Valentine. Clary says that Valentine won't win against Downworlders and Shadowhunters when Jace asks her what makes her think Shadowhunters will fight with Downworlders. He says that Luke's a idealist, Clary asks him why that's a bad thing and he replies that it's not, he's just not one. Clary says he's not like Valentine either, causing Jace to start. Jace stands outside Amatis' house for a long while after Clary goes inside, twisting a small piece of thread between his fingers.

As Clary lays in bed she hears rustling noise, she lets out a breath as she realises it's Jace. She asks him what he's doing here. He says that he had to see her, but that he knew he shouldn't. He tells her that he's just realised something and she whispers to him that he doesn't have to say it. He says he was trying to go somewhere, but he kept ending up back here. Clary tells him they have to stop feeling this way as it's their only chance to be together at all. Jace says when she dates other boys and gets married, he'll watch and die a little inside everyday, but Clary tells him that he won't care by then. He tells her that he loves her and that he will love her until the day he dies. He tells her he wants to go to sleep with her and wake up with her there just once and she thinks to herself that she didn't want anything else in the world but to spend the night with Jace. They go to bed together, not touching apart from their fingertips. She whispers goodnight to him and clasps his hand.

When Clary wakes up she realises that Jace has gone. She finds a note from him along with the Morgenstern family ring that Jace had been wearing around his neck. Clary reads the note and understands why Jace told her all of the things he told her the night before, because he didn't think he was going to see her again.

Jace manages to track down Sebastian and finds him with Valentine. Jace sees Sebastian put his hand on Valentine's arm and recognises that he is intimate and confident with Valentine and Jace can't believe it when Valentine doesn't brush him off. Soon Valentine calls Sebastian by his real name, Jonathan, shocking Jace and clutches at a rock for support. They start talking about Clary and her power and Jace suddenly feels scared for her safety, but also proud that she is in the center of things. When Valentine leaves Sebastian tells Jace that he might as well come out as he knows he's there. Jace freezes and then attempts to run out of the cave. However, he sees the entrance is blocked by Sebastian and skids to a halt. Sebastian asks him if he was jealous about how close he was with Valentine and Jace merely shrugs, saying that he's a little young to be dating his father. Sebastian looks at him, shocked, and Jace enjoys the moment. Sebastian tells him that the same man that brought Jace up, also brought him up and Jace asks him what he means. He then realises that Valentine is Sebastian's father, making them brothers. Sebastian then throws his arms around Jace's shoulders and tells him goodbye, before tightening his arms around Jace's neck and cutting off his breath.

Jace wakes up and coughs up blood. Sebastian asks him what he got for his ninth birthday and Jace asks him where he grew up, Sebastian replies that he grew up in the valley. When Sebastian says that he knew about Jace but Jace didn't know about him, Jace retorts that he obviously didn't have much to brag about. Jace watches as Sebastian moves to the center of the chamber, a sword held in his hands. He thinks to himself that Sebastian didn't intend to merely kill him, otherwise he would have done it by now. Sebastian suddenly slices a stalagmite, causing a roaring sound that makes Jace's ears pop and he finds it hard to breathe. Sebastian shows Jace Valentine's army and Jace passes out for a few minutes, when he comes to he finds Sebastian knelt over him. Jace tells him that Valentine told him to open the gate at midnight and that it can't be midnight yet. Sebastian tells Jace that when you stand before the Mortal Glass and summon the angel, it grants you one favor, he says that Valentine is going to ask for every Shadowhunter who doesn't follow him to be stripped of their powers and they will become Forsaken. Jace can't believe it, saying that even Valentine wouldn't do that. Jace demands to know why Sebastian keeps calling him 'little angel boy' and tells Sebastian that he's not afraid of Valentine. Sebastian said he shouldn't be, he should be afraid of him. Jace looks up just as Sebastian holds the sword to his collarbone. Jace asks him if he's going to kill him now, while he's tied up. Sebastian scoffs, saying that Jace is nothing more than an annoyance, but Jace just asks him why he won't untie his hands if that's the case. Sebastian asks him if he has any prayers, he should say them now. Jace tells him that he has a message for his father, Sebastian agrees to pass on the message but Jace recognises that he is lying. Jace tells him that there's a witness to what he's been doing and points out that Hugin (Hugo the raven) has been watching the whole time. Jace tells him that if Valentine finds out that he murdered him while he was tied up then he will be disgusted. He tells Sebastian to untie him and fight him, Sebastian becomes angry and raises the sword, then brings it down.

Jace wakes up and realises that he's passed out again, but he realises that his hands are no longer tied behind him. Jace stands up slowly and dizzily, he reaches for his belt and sees that he only has a dagger left, no match for a sword. Jace tells Sebastian that he can't fight with that, but Sebastian doesn't care, walking towards Jace. Jace then swings his arm back and punches Sebastian in the face, sending him flying. Jace catches his sword as he drops it and stands over Sebastian with it. Jace hesitates when thinking about killing Sebastian, thinking about how he hadn't been able to kill his father and how Sebastian was a murderer. Suddenly, Sebastian jumps up, kicking Jace's hand and causing him to drop the sword. He then catches it and whips it towards Jace's heart. Jace leaps backwards but the sword still gives him a shallow cut across the chest. Sebastian chuckles and advances towards Jace, who backs up. As Sebastian slashes the sword towards Jace he leaps up into the air and catches the lowest branch of a tree he'd been under. Jace flings the dagger down towards Sebastian, who suddenly appears on the branch beside him. Jace sees that they're even now as Sebastian has dropped his sword and Jace no longer has his dagger. Sebastian flings himself at Jace, knocking him off the branch and causing him to fall to the ground, hard. The two of the punch each other until Jace manages to grab Sebastian's throat. Sebastian seizes Jace's wrist and and jerks it backwards, snapping bones. Sebastian kneels on Jace's chest, his dagger in his hand and pointing it above Jace's heart. Sebastian tells Jace that he's not Valentine's son and tells him his father butchered a corpse to get Jace and use him for his experiments. Jace realises suddenly that Sebastian is actually Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern and that he's the one with demon blood in him, not Jace. Sebastian then pushes the dagger down into Jace's chest, causing him to scream out loud. Sebastian then remembers Clary and tells Jace he could have spent the rest of his life with her if he hadn't have been so stupid. He then whispers in his ear that Clary loved him too and he should keep that in his mind while he died. Suddenly, Sebastian's hand is chopped off. Jace looks up to see Isabelle, her whip soaked with blood. Isabelle kneels down by Jace, tears in her eyes and he thinks to himself that he must look pretty bad for her to look at him like that. Isabelle starts drawing an iratze on Jace while explaining that he's not Valentine's son. Suddenly Isabelle screams and Jace tries to reach for her as she is flung to the side. As Sebastian kicks Isabelle in the ribs Jace believes that he can almost hear them cracking. Jace rolls to the side and staggers to his feet, he walks towards Isabelle, her screams making him carry on. He walks up behind Sebastian, who is concentrating on Isabelle, Jace thinks to himself that he probably thinks he's already dead. As Sebastian is about to finish Isabelle off, Jace raises his hand and stabs his dagger into Sebastian's back. Sebastian looks at Jace in horror, then opens his mouth as if to say something to him, before crumpling to the ground. Isabelle calls to Jace as she struggles to sit up, he tries to turn towards her but passes out.

As Valentine's Sword his knocked out of his hand as he tries to kill Clary. Clary looks up to see Jace there, holding a sword of his own. Clary tries to say Jace's name and Valentine tells Jace that she can't reply to him. This angers Jace and he asks him what he's done to her. Jace tells Valentine he knows why he's going to summon the Angel and that he's sent Isabelle to warn the Clave. Valentine looks at the sword in Jace's hand and says that it's a Morgenstern sword. Jace smiles and tells him that it was Jonathan's and Valentine realises that Jonathan is dead. Valentine is amazed and says that he raised Jonathan and there was no better warrior, Jace couldn't have killed him. As Jace is about to kill Valentine, Valentine drives the Mortal Sword into Jace's heart. and Jace falls to his knees. Valentine sinks to the ground and pulls Jace onto his lap and rocks him. He holds Jace, who dies in his arms.

When Clary tricks Valentine, the Angel grants her one wish. She wishes for Jace. She opens her eyes and sees Jace sitting by her. He says that he heard her voice and it brought him back, she tells him it was the Angel, not her. She asks him if he knows he's not her brother and Jace grins and says he does.

City of Fallen AngelsEdit

Jace begins to have nightmares in which he kills Clary. One night, he dreams that someone knocks on his door and expects it to be Isabelle. He opens the door and discovers that it's Clary. He tells her she shouldn't be there and she gets up to leave, saying that she came all the way here so she might as well kiss him goodnight. The two of them kiss and then move onto the bed. He begins to unbutton her shirt, holding a dagger in his other hand. He then stabs her with knife. He wakes up and rolls out of bed, shivering. He thinks about how the first few times he'd had that dream, he'd woken up and vomited and so now he was careful about eating before he went to bed. He had tried everything to stop the dreams from happening, but they wouldn't stop. He says that even when he's awake, he finds it hard to look at Clary, saying that she'd always been able to see through him. He thinks to himself that he's not like Valentine.

When Simon is attacked by two strangers, he wakes up to find Jace shaking him frantically. Jace asked him what he did, meaning the Mark of Cain and explains to Simon that the two guys had been following him since he got off the subway. Jace asks if it was the Mark of Cain that defeated the men, saying it shone white before the man dissolved. He tells Simon that he's never seen anything like that before.

Jace returns to Kyle's apartment with Simon and Simon notices that Jace looks ill. He asks Jace when the last time he ate was, but he can't seem to remember exactly. He takes Jace to the supermarket to get him something to eat, as there isn't much choice at Kyle's apartment. One the way there he asks Jace whether he was following him and Jace replies that he was. He says that he was following Clary, but that she got in a cab and so he doubled back and followed Simon instead. When Simon questions this, Jace says that Clary left her phone and that he thought that if he could figure out where she was going, he could leave it somewhere where she could find it. Simon asks him why he's avoiding Clary, but Jace doesn't really answer him.

Later on, Clary and Jace become intimate with each other. Clary sees Jace reaching for something and then there is suddenly a flash of silver and something cuts her along her arm. Jace launches himself off the bed and stands in the middle of the room. Clary looks at him, confused, when she sees him holding the knife that had once belonged to his father in his left hand. She sees that there is a smear of blood on the knife. He drops the knife and sinks to the ground, his head in his hands.

After a while, Jace explains to Clary that it happens every night. He has given Clary the knife and she keeps one hand on it to reassure him. He tells her he dreams that he kills her, when she says that they're only dreams he replies that he's just proved that they're not. He says that he's not worried about going crazy, he's worried about hurting her. She tells him that he should have told her but he says that he just wanted to be Jace Lightwood. He says he wanted to act like his upbringing hadn't touched him, but maybe he will always be Jace Morgenstern. Then he goes on to say that he's been avoiding her because, although Jace Lightwood deserves her, Jace Morgenstern doesn't. Clary thinks for a while and says that she doesn't think it's a psychological problem, but that someone's doing this to him. Jace thinks of Sebastian, but Clary brushes it off, saying that Sebastian's dead and even if he did have that power, he would have used it before. She says that they should go to the Silent City so that the Brothers can find out if someone's been messing around in his brain. Jace asks her when they should go and she replies now, saying that she doesn't want to wait.

The two of them arrive at the Silent City to find the Brothers waiting outside and they explain why they need help. Clary watches as the Silent Brothers question Jace, and then delve into his mind. When Jace falls to his knees, Clary runs to him. The Silent Brothers tell Clary that the two of them have been keeping something from them and that the Mark of Death is on Jace. The Silent Brothers say that when the Angel Raziel brought Jace back from the dead, he upset the balance. Jace laughs, saying that they can always kill him to restore the balance. Brother Zachariah walks over to Jace, saying that old ties exist with the Herondales and the Brothers and that they owe him help. He explains that when Jace was brought back, he was brought back without Shadowhunter protections and runes, leaving him open to demonic influence or malevolence. He says that Jace must remain in the Silent City during the ritual and that it will take a day or two.

At Luke and Jocelyn's wedding party, Clary spots Jace and he leads her out onto the terrace. He asks her that if he was really like Sebastian, would she still love him. She comments that then he wouldn't be himself. He says that he acts like a Lightwood because he knows Clary has faith in that person. She says that he doesn't have to worry about losing her as it'll never happen. He then reaches for her hand, saying that he wants to bind her to him using a permanent rune. She hesitates before handing him her stele. As she watches Jace draw the pattern she realises that something is wrong. He apologises to her and says that he does want to be bound to her, she is confused before she collapses.

When Lillith is trying to convince Simon to bring Jonathan back to life she gestures behind her. Simon looks around to see Jace holding a knife to Clary's throat, no emotion in his face.